Monday, January 17, 2011

Hey ... uhhh, c'mon in ... i think.

So this is my first post. I've made plans to do a lot with this blog, but I'm pretty sure what I've planned will pale in comparison to what God has in store for it and through it. So I will welcome you with the kind of greeting you get when you show up really early to someone's house for a party and they are sooooo not prepared to host you just yet. You get that "Hey ... uhhh. C'mon in ... i think" welcome. 

You know they want to see you, because if they didn't you wouldn't have gotten the well-crafted e-vite they so graciously sent you weeks ahead. They're just not totally "set up" yet and much of the food is still cooking. 

So yeah, if you follow me on that analogy, then you probably understand where this blog stands as of now -- I'm (figuratively) almost dressed, the chicken's still fryin', the ipod for the playlist is still chargin', and (like at any half decent house party) I haven't bought any freakin ice and hope someone thinks to bring some. LOL. 

I am preparing for this blog to be the Kid & Play of web house parties once all the pieces are in place, meaning -- here I hope you will find laughs, shinnanigans (i'm sure I spelled that incorrectly), and food (for your funny bone that is). 

Hold tight while I get things together and the party will start soon. Thanks for coming! (Oh, and don't put your grubby shoes on my new carpet!!! LOL, just kidding.)



  1. Come on back (the the blog) now, ya hear?

  2. Congrats, Dre! You know ya boy is gonna be a faithful ready! hahahaha

  3. Whoot, whoot!!! Get it girl! This is finna be the flyest, coziest house party this side of glory! ;-)
    P.S. It's "shenanigans"...don't worry...I had to Google it, lol!
    P.P.S. I know you're serious about your new carpet too...stop playing, boo! ;-)